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Kasis Bhasma

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Unjha Kasis Bhasma

Unjha Kasis Bhasma

Unjha Kasis Bhasma is a dietary, mineral-based ayurvedic medicine that can help manage blood deficiency and several health conditions. It can be beneficial in boosting the absorption of iron into your body, reducing the threat of anaemia. The powder enables you to enhance a healthy spleen and liver and also aids in rectifying menstrual complications.

Key Ingredients:
Ferrous sulfate

Key Benefits:

  • It is rich in iron and helps keep you active by improving the transmission of oxygen throughout your body
  • The supplement aids in strengthening your immune system
  • The medicine aids in dealing with blood deficiency, reducing the risk of becoming anaemic
  • Assists in increasing appetite, improving the intake of nutrition
  • The supplement can be beneficial for those working towards achieving a healthy spleen and liver
  • It can be vital in enhancing your bowel health, assuaging heaviness and indigestion
  • It can help women manage menstrual complications

Direction For Use:
As directed by the healthcare professional