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Sarapunga Vilvadhi Lehyam

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SKM Ayurveda Sarapunga Vilvadhi Lehyam

SKM Ayurveda Sarapunga Vilvadhi Lehyam


  • It cures piththavettai, pitham -40, [ 40 types of bilious diseases], aruvangai pitha pandu[ six types of anaemia], due to piththa origine].
  • it cures envagai elumburukkinoi/kshayam [eight types of emaciation] and envagai gunmam[ eight types of gastritis]
  • it cures aruvagai ninakazhichchal /grahani [six types of of spure],
  • it cures pasimantham [ loss of appettite], and vellokkalam[ phlegmatic emisis],vaikasappu[ bitterness of mouth],and vaineer ooral[ excessive ptyalism].
  • it cures soolai[ colic], thole noigal[ skine diseases], kaikaal kanthal [burning sensation in palm and soles] generally all kinds of bilious disorders.

6 to 12 gms with milk twice daily after food