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Madhu Mandoor Bhasma

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Baidyanath Madhu Mandoor Bhasma

Baidyanath Madhu Mandoor Bhasma 5g

Baidyanath Madhu Mandoor Bhasma isan ayurvedic and herbal medicine.It is available in powder form(bhasma)and to be taken orally.Baidyanath Madhu Mandoor Bhasma is widely used for the treatment of anemia(deficiency of iron).

The major key ingredients present in this medication are tandoor,triphala,gomutra,and grit kumari.


  • Mansoor is the iron rust and it is prepared from the raw mandoor by the process of calcination.Mandoor contains a good amount of iron,therefore it is used for the treatment of anemia.
  • Triphala is prepared from the three fruits namely amalaki,haritaki,and bibhitaki.Triphala is helpful in the production of red blood cells,therefore,it is very effective in the treatment of anaemia.
  • Gomorra is the urine of cow.It helps in increasing data and pitta dosh and not is helpful for the patients suffering from the deficiency of iron.
  • Grit kumari is known as aloevera.It is used in the formation of red blood cell thus helpful for the treatment of anaemia.Baidyanath Madhu Mandoor Bhasma is also indicated for the treatment of diseases such as jaundice,liver disorder and general weakness.


Dosage should be taken as 250mg - 500mg two times a day with honey or as directed by the physician.




Sphaeranthus indicus


Saved Musli


Mansur Bhasma

Cow Urine